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LASIK Surgery & Cataract Treatments in Middletown, DE

Those who suffer from nearsightedness or farsightedness are perfect candidates for LASIK surgery. By performing this outpatient procedure, Eye Care of Delaware can successfully improve your vision and reduce the chances of any visual problems down the line. If you are suffering from cataracts, we can also perform various cataract treatments to ensure your vision is corrected and clear.Eye Care of Delaware specializes in both LASIK surgery and cataract treatments in Middletown, DE.

LASIK Surgery Procedure

Depending on your vision, we can either flatten or properly shape the cornea to ensure your vision is improved vastly. Your first step is to speak with our professional eye doctors. Your doctor will ask about any health conditions that could disqualify you, though most patients are perfect candidates for the procedure.

Cataract Treatments

Cataracts are slow to form, and you may not even notice them right away until they start to block light from your vision. You could experience cloudy vision, changes in your color perception, and double vision in the affected eye. Treatments for such issues can include corrective glasses or contacts, but some cases warrant cataract surgery.

About Middletown, DE

Middletown, a town in New Castle County, has experienced a lot of recent growth. So much, in fact, that it has become known as one of the fastest growing areas in all of Delaware. There is limited access to Delaware Route 1 to the east, but many tourists still find their way into town. When they arrive, many enjoy sitting down for dinner at Cantwell’s Tavern or Metro Pub & Grill. Eye Care of Delaware is proud to have become the center for Lasik surgery and cataract treatments in Middletown, DE.

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For LASIK surgery and cataract treatments in Middletown, DE, contact Eye Care of Delaware at (302) 454-8800. We’ll work tirelessly to ensure your vision is restored!

Eye Care of Delaware Treatments & Surgeries

Our Delaware cataract and laser surgery center is home to many advanced eye surgery procedures and treatments. We offer solutions for these most common eye disorders.

Eye that has a cataract because it hasn't had cataract removal surgery


Cataract surgery can correct a cloudy, natural lens, while also correcting one’s vision with an IOL replacement.

Eye that has damage to the cornea and needs treatment


Resolve corneal infections with effective treatments ranging from dry eye to ocular surface disease.

Cloudy eye ball because it hasn't been treated for Glaucoma


Accurate glaucoma testing and treatment is essential to reduce the risk of vision loss as you age.

Eye on a person's face after refractive surgery


Refractive lens exchange will correct farsightedness, nearsightedness or astigmatism.

Eyelid getting marketing for eyelid surgery


Reshape and remove excess skin and fatty tissue from the eyelids with eyelid surgery.

Eye that needs a retinal treatment


Retinal treatments stop gradual vision loss from macular degeneration, retinal tears or detachment.