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Eye Care of Delaware, the leading cataract and laser treatment center in Newark, offers several eyelid surgical options. Eyelids play a crucial role in shielding the eyes and provide essential protection to the cornea. But when your eyelids are not functioning at their best, you may experience vision impairment and dry, irritated eyes due to a lack of evenly distributed moisture from tears. Dr. Bilyk is a skilled surgeon assisting patients with a range of eyelid procedures to resolve excess skin, inflammation, droopy eyelids and other common issues.

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The Main Types of Eyelid Surgery

Dr. Bilyk specializes in three main types of eyelid surgeries, each offering improvements to eyelid appearance and function. The following surgeries repair or reshape the eyelids, providing eye health and vision benefits.


Blepharoplasty is eyelid surgery that can remove excess skin and fatty tissue to repair a drooping eyelid. Eyelid surgery addresses these conditions and can be used to eliminate puffy bags below the eye as well.


Local anesthesia is used to numb the area around the eye so that you experience minimal discomfort. During surgery, the surgeon makes small cuts (incisions) in the natural contours and creases of the upper eyelids. Excess skin and fat are removed and reshaped. The incisions are then closed with tiny sutures (stitches). Because the incisions are made within the eyes’ natural contours, they are barely visible, and the scars fade over time.


Lower eyelid blepharoplasty reduces excess fat or skin in the lower eyelids. The surgeon makes incisions on the inside or outside of the lower eyelids and gently removes excess fat. The incisions are then closed with tiny sutures. Incisions made on the inside of the eyelids are not visible. Incisions made on the outside of the lower eyelids are barely visible, and the scars fade over time.


Entropion repair is performed when the eyelid turns inward causing the eyelashes to scrape against the eye which can cause irritation and tearing. Surgery can help the eyelid return to its natural position and relieve these symptoms.


Ectropion is when the eyelid turns outward which can cause excessive tearing of the eye. Ectropion repair is surgery that can return the eyelid to its natural position and relieve the tearing.

Eyelid Surgery Cost

The cost for comprehensive eyelid surgery will depend on the problem being rectified, the surgeon fees, and hospital fees. Before beginning the procedure, your eye doctor will go over all costs associated with the surgery with you.

Common Questions About Eyelid Surgery

Patients should rest in the following few days after eyelid surgery and avoid strenuous activity. Swelling and bruising will likely persist for 1–3 weeks, though cold compresses may speed up the healing process. In addition, some minor scarring can remain for a few months.

Blepharoplasty usually takes around 1–2 hours. The duration will depend on whether a patient requires both upper and lower lid surgery.

Eyelid surgery is not a particularly painful procedure, involving only minor numbness or discomfort. Patients may experience some mild to moderate pain in the week after surgery. Some people experience sensitivity to light and an itching sensation, but these issues will pass during the healing process.

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Eye Care of Delaware provides eyelid surgery options for a range of common complaints. Dr. Bilyk is a leading eyelid surgeon, helping patients with excess skin, puffy bags, and other troublesome lid issues. To learn more, call (302) 454-8800 or request an appointment now.

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