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Newark Ocular Surface Disease Diagnosis and Management

Eye Care of Delaware is a world-class provider of ocular surface disease treatments. Ocular surface disease refers to a group of conditions that impact the function and structure of the cornea and conjunctiva. With the support of our patient-focused team, individuals can prevent long-term vision issues and improve their overall eye health.

Ocular surface disease treatment in Delaware

What Is Ocular Surface Disease?

Ocular surface disease is a type of disorder that affects the surface of the cornea, the transparent layer that protects the front of the eye. These conditions include dry eye syndrome, chemical burns, thermal burns, allergies and rosacea.


Unfortunately, such conditions can severely affect your eyesight and quality of life. At Eye Care of Delaware, we perform comprehensive ocular surface disease treatment to help return your vision to its full capacity. We would like nothing more than to help you see everything around you to its fullest.

Ocular Surface Disease Symptoms

Damage to the surface of the cornea is likely to result in the following ocular surface disease symptoms.

  • Dry Eyes
  • Eyelid Inflammation
  • Allergy-like Symptoms

If you experience any of these, it is in your best interest to contact an eye doctor immediately. We will perform ocular surface disease treatment as soon as possible to restore your vision.

Ocular Surface Disease Treatment

By collaborating with experienced and professional eye doctors, Eye Care of Delaware is capable of offering the most comprehensive ocular surface disease treatment in the area. Our cutting-edge technology and training allow us to surpass all expectations and provide high-quality results to our patients.

Common Questions About Ocular Surface Disease

The precise treatment always depends on the specific disorder affecting the patient. Some common treatment options include artificial tears, eye drops, anti-inflammatory medication and antibiotic ointment. Your doctor will identify the treatment most appropriate for you after a comprehensive diagnosis of the condition.

Yes. Ocular surface disease can lead to pain, discomfort and vision damage for children if left untreated. Children can acquire the disorder for various reasons, including poor nutrition, allergies and genetics.

Various tests can help diagnose ocular surface disease. Common examples include ocular surface staining (used alongside a slit lamp for analysis of the cornea) and Schirmer’s test, which identifies if the eyes are producing enough tears.

Effective Treatment for Ocular Surface Disease in Newark

At Eye Care of Delaware, we offer comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for ocular surface disease. Our team welcomes patients from Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania for world-class eye treatments. To contact us, call (302) 454-8800 or request an appointment now.

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