5 Reasons to Consider Eyelid Surgery

It is only a matter of time before the signs of aging begin to affect the appearance of our eyes. Sagging upper and lower eyelids make us look even older, more tired, and may prove difficult when applying makeup. In some cases, drooping eyelids can significantly affect our vision.Eyelid surgery is a unique operation that removes excess skin from around the eyes. There is no visible scarring, and the results are more youthful. Here are five reasons to consider eyelid surgery.

Lasting Results

Eyelid surgery is typically a one-time operation. The results are permanent, meaning no more trouble with your vision or makeup. Consider eyelid surgery as a long-term solution.

No More Loose Skin

As we age, the skin around our eyes begins to loosen and sag, which can be unsightly. By repairing or removing the sagging or loose skin, you will benefit in multiple ways. Many of us begin developing eyesight-related troubles, including damaged vision, due to sagging skin.

Natural Appearance

Eyelid surgery provides natural results. The scarring is quite discreet and often disappears entirely within a matter of weeks. In fact, upper eyelid surgery scars are hidden under the crease of the eyelid.


Our mood takes a hit as we age. As we age, we watch our bodies change, often if ways that are ideal. Eyelid surgery helps provide a more youthful and comfortable appearance. The flattering eyes you once had are within your grasp.


Depending on the reason for eyelid surgery, costs will vary. Your doctor will go over any related costs prior to the procedure. In some cases, eyelid surgery is covered by health insurance.

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