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LASIK Surgery Newark, DE

Vision correction does not just mean glasses or contact lenses anymore. Since the 1970’s, new treatment methods have liberated patients from dependency on corrective lenses. Today, there are many options available for vision correction surgery with Dr. Jeffrey Boyd at Eye Care of Delaware and the Cataract and Laser Center to treat nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Refractive surgery, the name for all vision correction surgeries, includes a variety of procedures. These options include LASIK, CustomVue™ LASIK, and implant procedures such as Visian® ICL (implantable contact lens) and Refractive Lens Exchange.

What is LASIK Eye Surgery?

During LASIK, a thin flap of cornea is surgically lifted in a single sheet permitting laser treatment to the exposed inner surface. Ultraviolet light is used to produce a series of rapid pulses that removes a small amount of corneal tissue. The cornea is made flatter to treat nearsightedness, steeper to treat farsightedness, or more spherical to treat astigmatism. Excimer laser light does not penetrate the eye and leaves other eye structures (iris, lens, retina) undisturbed. The corneal flap is repositioned following the laser treatment and is allowed to re-bond to the cornea naturally, without stitches.

CustomVue LASIK is the same procedure as LASIK, but the primary difference is the use of the WaveFront® analyzer. This technology produces a sophisticated treatment map of the corneas, like a fingerprint, and is more precise than the standard measurements.

Should I Consider LASIK Eye Surgery?

Because contact lenses can slightly change the shape of your eye, they should be removed and not worn for a number of days before any vision correction surgery. Soft contact lenses should be out for 7-14 days, and gas permeable (hard) contact lenses for six weeks before the consultation and procedure.

For instructions on preparing for your LASIK treatments, visit the Pre-Surgical information for refractive surgery link on our website.

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