Experienced Dry Eye & Ocular Allergy Treatment in Newark, DE

Dry Eye & Ocular Allergy TreatmentThe two most commonly experienced eye-related issues are dry eyes and ocular allergies. These two eye conditions share a few symptoms with each other, though they are also quite distinct. Unfortunately for some patients, both conditions can coincide. For contact wearers, the two conditions make wearing lenses far more challenging. For dry eye treatment or allergy treatment, Eye Care of Delaware has the medication and training to make your life brighter. We use tear lubricants to lubricate the eye about coaxing out.

Dry Eye & Ocular Allergies Treatment Options

Dry eye treatment and allergy treatment are entirely different from each other. For dry eyes, the underlying inflammation must be treated first and foremost. We use tear lubricants to lubricate the eye and coax out a few tears properly. On the other hand, treatment for ocular allergies includes antihistamines, artificial lubricants, and cold compresses. Our experienced team avoids the use of allergens as often as possible.

Symptoms and Suggestions

The most common symptoms of dry eyes include burning and a gritty feeling directly in the eye. Redness and sometimes reflex tears are also quite common in patients. Itching is generally the primary symptom of eye allergies. If you experience any of these symptoms, please do not hesitate to make an appointment with our eye doctors. The longer you wait, the worse condition your eyes may be in before we can begin treatment.

Eye Allergy Diagnosis

Ocular allergies are an extreme sensitivity to various substances, most of which are not harmful. When the allergen interacts with your cells, a substance known as histamine is released into the body, which causes the itching, redness, and swelling.

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