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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Eye Care

We often take our eyesight for granted. Sure, a checkup at the local eye doctor once every few years is often on the schedule for most people, but actively caring for our vision is second to many other tasks. This is wrong. Protecting your eyesight is one of the most important things you can do these days. In fact, eyesight may even help maintain a high quality of life, especially as we grow older. Furthermore, some types of eye problems affect one in six adults past the age of 45. The risk for vision loss also increases as we age. Caring for your vision now is not only smart, but it’s also pretty simple, too!

Tips to Protect Your Eyes

To adequately protect your eyesight, taking the necessary steps now is important. There are a few simple tasks you can complete that make all the difference.

  • Be aware – For starters, find out if you are currently at a higher risk for eye disease. Being aware of our family’s health history is smart. For example, does anyone in your family suffer from high blood pressure? Alternatively, undergo a regular eye exam. An early diagnosis can limit vision loss.
  • Physical exams – Regular physical exams to check for diabetes or high blood pressure are vital. If left untreated, these diseases may lead to worsening eye problems. In particular, diabetes can lead to vision loss, eye strokes, or macular degeneration.

Eat Well

A well-balanced diet is not only important for weight loss and an active lifestyle, but also for our vision health. Good eye health begins with the food you eat. Nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, and vitamins C and E help fight age-related vision issues. It is best to fill your plate with green, leafy vegetables, eggs, nuts, salmon, tuna, oranges, and pork. These items are balanced and loaded with nutrients.

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Eye Care of Delaware Treatments & Surgeries

Our Delaware cataract and laser surgery center is home to many advanced eye surgery procedures and treatments. We offer solutions for these most common eye disorders.

Eye that has a cataract because it hasn't had cataract removal surgery


Cataract surgery can correct a cloudy, natural lens, while also correcting one’s vision with an IOL replacement.

Eye that has damage to the cornea and needs treatment


Resolve corneal infections with effective treatments ranging from dry eye to ocular surface disease.

Cloudy eye ball because it hasn't been treated for Glaucoma


Accurate glaucoma testing and treatment is essential to reduce the risk of vision loss as you age.

Eye on a person's face after refractive surgery


Refractive lens exchange will correct farsightedness, nearsightedness or astigmatism.

Eyelid getting marketing for eyelid surgery


Reshape and remove excess skin and fatty tissue from the eyelids with eyelid surgery.

Eye that needs a retinal treatment


Retinal treatments stop gradual vision loss from macular degeneration, retinal tears or detachment.