Eye Care of Delaware Supports Safe Toys and Celebrations Month
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Practice Mindful Eye Care This Safe Toys and Celebrations Month

Children in Delaware and across the country are currently waiting in anticipation of their new toys. But many toy gifts that are bought with the best intentions can be a serious hazard. In fact, of all the eye injuries that land children in the ER, one in 10 will be caused by toys. As you celebrate the holidays this year, avoiding nasty injuries that require cornea treatment is a price worth paying.

Tips for Protecting Your Child’s Eyes This Holiday Season

This December, Eye Care of Delaware is joining the American Academy of Ophthalmology in supporting Safe Toys and Celebrations Month by encouraging parents to choose wisely when buying gifts.

Avoid Toys That Shoot Projectiles

BB guns and crossbows are appealing to children, but they can have negative consequences. A child who is not fully in control of the toy can easily fire a projectile into the eye of another child. In short, toys of this kind can cause serious damage.

Cheap Plastic Toys Can Be Hazardous

Not all plastic toys offer the same level of quality. You could buy plastic toys online and find they are produced at low quality and break easily. Sharp edges or torn plastic are potential hazards for your child’s eye health, offering an unanticipated danger. Pay close attention to the quality of the materials when you buy a new toy.

Check the Age Recommendations

Age recommendations help parents make smart buying choices. However, it can be easy to back down when a child has their heart set on a particular item. Reading labels and age recommendations ensure your child is developed enough to deal with a toy that may have small parts or sharp edges.

Be Cautious With Sharp and Small Objects

Most parents are aware of the danger of swallowing small parts, but there is also a risk to the eyes. Smaller parts of larger toys often have sharp edges that could cause painful eye injuries. This type of problem is most likely to affect younger children, making it important to scrutinize the toy in detail.

Get the Eye Care Treatment You Deserve

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