Cataracts: Short Term and Long Term Treatment

During the initial stages of cataract development, you may notice vision is slightly improved by changing your eyeglass prescription. Over time, as the cataracts begin to develop further, blurry vision and other symptoms cannot be treated using glasses or contact lenses. Surgery may be the only long-term cataract treatment> solution available. Full vision may be restored after the operation, if the cataracts are diagnosed and treated early.

Short-Term Treatment

As previously mentioned, early, short-term treatment of still-developing cataracts can typically be resolved (partially) using a stronger prescription. Most people suffering from cataract developments typically have eyeglasses or contact lenses already. Switching up the prescription is as simple as a visit to the eye doctor.

Schedule an appointment with an eye specialist, take the test, and enjoy sharper vision. If your vision is suffering because of cataracts, your doctor will keep an eye on their progression and act accordingly to better provide long-term treatment solutions. You should notify your eye care specialist immediately if you experience any changes to your vision, including blurriness or clouding.

Long-Term Treatment

Long-term treatment for cataracts generally involves surgery. When the cataract causes vision loss to the point of interfering with daily activities, such as reading or driving, surgery should be scheduled promptly.

Cataract surgery is generally performed on an outpatient basis, using local anesthesia. During the operation, the affected lens, which is clouded, is broken up using high-frequency sound waves or an ultrasound, then suctioned out carefully in a process known as phacoemulsification. The affected lens is then replaced with a clear, plastic implant to help restore vision.

If you suffer from cataracts in both eyes, separate surgeries will be required. Both cannot be removed at once.

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