All About Dry Eye Treatments

Dry eye typically occurs when your tear ducts do not adequately produce enough tears, or when the tears are not the right consistency. Alternatively, inflammation may cause dry eye. If left untreated, you may experience pain, ulcers, or scars over the cornea. Vision loss is even a possibility. However, permanent vision loss is uncommon. In any case, if you suffer from dry eye, obtaining treatment from an eye specialist is a smart move.

How is Dry Eye Treated?

Depending on the cause of your dry eye, a specialist may choose different approaches to combat the symptoms. If dry eye is an ongoing issue, we can manage the symptoms, if not relieve them outright. The priority, however, will be to determine whether a disease is the cause of persistent dry eye cases. If so, the underlying disease should first be treated.

The most common reasons for dry eye, and how it can be treated, include:

  • Medication – If your current medication is causing dry eyes, your eye doctor may recommend switching to a new prescription without side effects.
  • Contact Lens – Sometimes, contact lenses can be a leading factor in dry eyes. If this is the case, your eye doctor may recommend either another type of lens or wearing them less often.

How Can I Help?

First off, scheduling an appointment with an experienced eye doctor should be first on your list. Secondly, using artificial tears, gels, or ointments can be a worthwhile first line of defense against dry eyes. These substances offer temporary relief and provide a replacement for naturally produced tears.

Depending on your doctor’s orders, dry eye can either be managed or relieved completely.

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